the first cut




The First Cut will be targeting the following demographic groups: Women between the age of 18- 49 years old. Independent film goers between the age of 18-34. Audiences in Asia and Latin America.

Women/ Foreign Films and Global Markets/Ultra Low-Budget Films

Women make up half of theatre going audiences in America and therefore hold a great deal of box office purchase power and strength to control gross box office sales.

Women will be interested in The First Cut because they will be able to relate to the lives of the three female protagonists.

A few recent hits that were targeted to women include Nicole Holofcener's Friends With Money and Vince Vaughn’s The Break-Up. Friends With Money follows the lives of 4 different friends who are all women.

Friends with Money not only grossed 13.3 million at the box office (after costing around 5 million dollars to make), but grossed over 30 million dollars in DVD rentals – a key market for film sales.

The Break-Up beat box office projections to open strongly at No.1 and has grossed over $110 million to date. The Break-Up did a nifty $38.9 million opening weekend, higher than estimates and confounding the industry prediction which expected the new X-Men to rule for a second week. 67% of Break-Up’s weekend box-office and about 99% of the preview screening was female.

The triumph of heart-warming stories that attract female audiences and generate more revenue at the box office than its action-film counterparts can be seen in the recent 2006 holiday film, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Combining relatable themes about struggling to succeed against the odds, self-reliance and fatherhood with Will Smith's affability, The Pursuit of Happyness obtained $26.5 million at around 3,600 screens at 2,852 theaters, which was in the range of past December release Jerry Maguire among similar pictures adjusted for ticket price inflation.

Distributor Sony, which broke the record it set in 2002 for annual box office by a single studio over the weekend with nearly $1.6 billion, reported that Pursuit's audience was 59 percent female and 57 percent over 25 years old, based on exit polling. With moviegoer pollster CinemaScore, Pursuit garnered a promising "A" grade across the board.

The First Cut’s ability to reach women specifically is not a weakness but a strength of its core story and will make the marketing both specific and less costly.

The First Cut will be able to attract the core viewership of young audiences through word of mouth, which is key for movie goers.

By targeting its specific audience range and demographic, The First Cut will be able to reduce its advertisement and marketing costs, which is one of the largest budget allocations for films today.